BEST DIETS IN 2018 - Lifestyle Tips

The end of 2018 is fast approaching, and it is time we went back to the drawing board to see how far we have come regarding our fitness goals. The truth is that most people end up giving up at some point along the journey owing to factors such as lack of motivation, hard-to-follow diets or other determinants. However, just because you failed to follow through with your New Year diet resolutions does not mean that all hope is gone and you have adequate time to get in shape and improve the way that you look before the holidays. We have compiled a list of the diets which have proved best regarding how easy they are to follow, whether people lose weight when following them as well as how safe they are. Here is what we found:

The DASH Diet

This diet focuses on helping people reduce their blood pressure by aiding them to eat less salt and take up nutrients from whole grown foods. As such, be ready to let go of potato chips and all other saturated fats as you take in fruits, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean protein, and vegetables. When following this meal plan, you should stay away from saturated fat, some oils, sugary beverages, sweets, and full-fat dairy products.

How it works

DASH is an excellent diet as it allows people to take baby steps towards healthier bodies as opposed to making significant changes overnight. You start off by adding a serving of fruit or vegetable to every meal you take. This step is essential as many people starting this diet seldom take in vitamins. You then go into cutting out meat from your diet by eliminating it from a meal or two per week. From here, you work towards ending your dependency on salt by flavoring your meals with herbs and spices instead. In time, you get used to not having salt in your food. You then work on your in-between-meals snacks. Where before you would grab a bag of chips to deal with the hunger pangs; you start resorting to healthy options such as pecans and almonds. Over time, you move from processed flour to whole wheat flour to add onto the health benefits which you get from food. You also incorporate a fifteen-minute walk after meals to help you get the metabolism started. People who have followed this diet have been able to make lifestyle changes and have seen a reduction in weight in the process. What’s more, you get to be in control of your blood pressure and thus get to enjoy healthy heart functions.

The Mediterranean Diet

This diet derives its name from the eating practices of people living in Mediterranean regions. Studies show that foods eaten in these areas promote good health and long life. When following this diet, you will be sure to add healthy fatty foods into your meals as well as lots of fruits and greens.

The origin

Research into people living in the Mediterranean Sea shows that they tend to suffer from lifestyle diseases and cancers less often than people living in America. Thus, begs the question, why? Nutritionists have for long emphasized on the need for an active lifestyle coupled with a healthy diet and weight control and looking at Mediterranean practices; they follow these guidelines. It is thus clear that if we were to take up their eating practices and put them to good use, then our rate of lifestyle diseases would gradually drop. Benefits of following this diet include weight loss, prevention of cancer and diabetes, and promotion of brain and heart health. However, you do require to note that there is no such thing as a Mediterranean Diet. You see, the Italians eat quite differently from the Spanish who are different from the Greeks. However, they seem to follow given principles which are common to their eating practices, and these shared standards are what comprise this widely-followed diet.

How it works

This diet is not structured, unlike most meal plans, and thus it is up to you to decide how many calories you need to eat to either lose or maintain your weight. The duty of coming up with a workout program as well as how often you will do so also falls on you. This versatility appeals to many people who find it hard to follow through with a diet when the guidelines seem stringent.

What you need to understand is the working of this eating pattern. Your emphasis should be on fruits, legumes, herbs and spices, nuts, vegetables, fish, olive oil and beans. When it comes to dairy products, moderation is essential, and you should save red meats and sweets for special occasions. More on the Mediterrean Diet

These two diets tied in the US News Best Diet rankings. People who prefer structured menus prefer the DASH diet and those who prefer versatility in eating patterns opt for the Mediterranean diet. Either way, you get to lead a healthy life and keep lifestyle diseases at bay. The best of luck to you!