Feel like chicken tonight? Perk up your mealtimes with some irresistible chicken recipes. Not exactly groundbreaking when it comes to culinary delights, chicken is a go-to for many of us. Packed with protein, but low in fat, chicken is more often than not the meat of choice when it comes to maintaining a lean and healthy diet. Roast it, poach it, grill it or throw it into a vegetable rich stir-fry, a lot can be said for the chicken dish.

The only issue? Well, if you’re anything like us, when it comes to cooking, in particularly during the week, we can get SERIOUSLY lazy. Once we master a dish, we often find ourselves eating it and repeating it week, after week, AFTER week. So with simplicity in mind and (as always) food on the brain, we’ve searched around for some no stress recipes that excel in taste but not in time.

Baked Chicken and Veg

Quick, delish and ridiculously easy, this is a total must-try. Perfect for anyone on the go, this recipe takes a grand total of just 30 minutes. This veggie/chicken combo packs a whole load of goodness (and taste) into one, and the results speak for themselves. The best thing about it? It’s super versatile. Not feeling tomatoes and corn? Why not try bell peppers, spinach and chili for a hot and spicy kick.

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

A winter warmer if ever we saw one, we are crazy for this casserole. Filled what all the good stuff and a little bit of what we fancy (who can say no to grated cheese), this dish is no time waster either. In mere moments (30 min) get ready to chow down on this chicken supreme.

Quinoa, Chicken Curry

Requiring a little more labour than the others, this is one we’re saving for the weekend, Though it’s a little more work-heavy, this creamy curry is so worth it. Particularly if you’re in the mood for showing off your health driven culinary skills to friends and family. Tasting far better than any takeaway, the leftovers are perfect for lunch the next day too!

Author: Sinead O’Reilly