#1 First and foremost there are no rules when it comes to fashion just be yourself.

#2 Never be a slave to fashion and keeping up with the latest trends!

#3 Mix & Match – it’s fun and a great way to update your look without costing a fortune.

#4 Wear clothes that fit correctly. Wearing clothes that are a size too big will make you look shapeless and frumpy. Clothes that are a size too small are just wrong. Always make sure what you wear is correctly fitted to your shape and you’re off to the right start!

#5 Assessorising is SO important – the right items can make or break an outfit.

#6 Only ever buy clothes you are happy with and feel comfortable wearing.

#7 Investment buy: items that will last season after season and still work with your look. Investing in a timeless style coat with a great shape that works on you will keep you going for years!

#8 Make sure you have some basic essential items in your wardrobe – see ‘Wardrobe Essentials’ below for both men & women.

#9 Know what colours suit your skin tone: All skin tones differ and wearing the wrong colour can really have a negative effect on
your overall look. Experiment with different colors and stick with the palettes that look best on you regardless of what’s in trend. Avoid clothes that make you look pale or washed out.

#10 Choosing the correct tights: You’ll look taller and trimmer by matching the color of your tights to your shoes. Wearing a different colour can look really hot but be aware that a different colour will draw the eye to your legs. If that’s not what you want, then stick with the same colour.


Some classic pieces, that fit you properly, are not outdated, and bring out your best features.


Little Black Dress:
It’s a classic for good reason and one of the most essential in women’s clothing. Extremely versatile, the LBD will work at nearly any occasion. Get the right dress that flatters your shape and you’ll get years of wear out of it. Accessorising can bring it in line with the latest trends or keep it simple and classic.

Fitted Jacket:
A proper fitted jacket will accent the curve at the waist and dress up any outfit, perfect piece to put with a skirt or dress pants. Or make it casual with a pair of jeans.

Dress Trousers:
Black pants are probably the ideal and will flatter all figures and goes with everything.

Classic Shirt:
Find one that accentuates your best attributes and minimizes trouble spots. For example, if you have wide shoulders, stay away from large collars.

Invest in a good pair of jeans that flatter your shape and you won’t go far wrong. The right pair of well fitting jeans will go with almost anything.

It’s very easy to fall into a trap of only wearing jeans and trousers but you should have a skirt in your wardrobe. Dress it up for formal/business wear or dress it down for a more fun look. Pencil skirts for a feminine and sophisticated look with the right pair of heels to create a stunning chic look.

Killer heels (ideally black) are a definite must have for every wardrobe. The right pair of stilettos will take you from daywear to eveningwear seamlessly. Suitable for the boardroom and the dance floor stilettos are stylish, feminine and a definite must have.

Classic Clutch Bag:
This is a timeless creation and can be the most ultimate piece to match your formal wear! It is stylish, classy and makes a great eveningwear accessory. Slip in your bare essential make up items and leave all the baggage at home!


A Suit:
Even if you only need a suit a couple of times a year, it’s great to know you have it when an occasion arises. Navy or gray suits are classic and neutral and can be dressed up or down. If going for a pin-strip, nothing too strong, keep it subtle. The blazer will also go well dressed down with some jeans. This is an item worth spending some money on.

Black shoes and belt:
These will go with everything (trousers, jeans, suit) and perfect for formal evening functions. Brown is also good but make sure to go for the black combo first so your never stuck.

White dress shirt:
White dress shirts look good on just about everybody. They look sharp and are versatile, good for day & night occasions. It never hurts to have a nice black shirt too.

Casual top:
A must have to wear with jeans or other trousers.

Jeans & casual trousers:
No explanation necessary here. Jeans are a staple of every wardrobe. Invest in a good pair, that fit well and you’re off to a great start. Casual trousers are also handy for slightly more formal occasions.

A good coat really finishes an outfit and can be worn with everything including jeans. Ideally you should have a ¾ length coat and a waist length jacket.