Deirdre B, Carlingford

IT Sales Manager

I called Darren in to help me as I was returning to work after being on Maternity leave for my second child and I was feeling low in confidence and weary about going back. I needed an injection of positivity, and I have to say as soon as I spoke to Darren on the phone he was great. We went through my wardrobe (which I dreaded) but we had lots of fun and laughter clearing it out. We then hit the shops!! Which I thought was going to be hard-work but whatever Darren’s magic is we had the best time, so much so we ran out of it! The clothes Darren chose for me I would have never thought suited me, I love them and I learned a lot about me. I believe every woman should do this once, it’s fun and makes you feel great and we all need to feel good these days!
Thank you Darren for such a special day and I look forward to the next time.

Ciara Grimes, Maynooth

Head of Marketing

As a busy working mum, I have not been able to really get my wardrobe in order and the thought of spending hours trawling through the shops was nothing but daunting, along with the fact that I had no idea what suited me and what didn’t!  Darren was someone from the word go I knew could help me, even with my stubborn nature! In one shopping trip I got some work wear, casual wear and best of all he helped me get sorted for a black tie event. Not only do I feel better about my overall look, I can’t wait for the next trip when he sorts out my summer wardrobe. Overall he made me feel great about myself and allowed me to leave my “safe” style for something more fun and daring. It really did me the world of good and blew the cobwebs off my shopping brain. I would recommend Darren without hesitation for anyone looking for a stylist who works with your personality and budget.

Brian Doyle, Dublin


Hi Darren, Just wanted to say thank you very much for all the help on the shopping trip recently. As someone who does not enjoy shopping for clothes, because when I do go, I don’t know where to start and it takes me so long to make a decision as to what to buy, it was great to be able to completely overhaul and update my wardrobe in a few hours with your knowledge and advice. The reaction from family and friends has been great too with plenty of compliments and remarks on how well the new gear looks… success!

Elaine Quinn, Clonsilla

Communications & Education Manager

Time is in short supply as a working mum with two young children. I had been finding myself shopping on the fly and then spending precious minutes in the morning gazing into my wardrobe hoping for inspiration on what to wear that day. Darren helped me to dust off the shopping side of brain to think about what type of clothes I needed to cope with my lifestyle – whether in the office, at the playground, doing the housework or putting on a bit of glam for a night out. He put together pieces from my wardrobe that I never would have thought about wearing together before, creating new outfits before we ever hit the shops! When we did, Darren’s relaxed manner and sharp eye made the fitting room marathon an enjoyable experience. I came away not only with new outfits for my working week but lots of tips on what suits my shape and where to go to pick up the next pieces on my list. Most of all, it was a lot of fun! So, Darren – this note comes with a big THANK YOU!

Valerie Maguire, Dublin

Housewife / Part-time masseuse

First and foremost, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Darren for taking me on board and proving to me I can still be stylish in my fifties. Before I got married I used to model and I was always surrounded by beautiful clothes. Back then I had a great sense of style but when I had my first baby I stopped working and pretty quickly my wardrobe filled up with lots of baggy ‘practical’ clothes. Over the years I seemed to lose my sense of style and didn’t feel comfortable trying on clothes I didn’t already have. I completely steered clear of anything that showed off my figure. Darren has given me the confidence to push myself that little bit extra and rediscover what I loved about clothes back when I was modeling… The only problem now with my new found love of clothes is the effect on my credit card!

Mary Manning, Dundalk

Primary School Teacher

If I were to sum up my style in one word before meeting Darren it would be ‘safe’. The classroom is my office and facing 30 very energetic kids everyday takes its toll. I’ve been teaching nearly 25 years now and over time what I wear in the classroom has become my style. There was nothing particularly wrong with it, in fact a lot of people would compliment me on my choice of colours and the like but there was nothing different about it. I wanted a new wardrobe for the evenings & weekends so when I wasn’t working I was me again and not just ‘teacher’. A day out with Darren helped me break out of my school uniform, literally. I now know how to break up my wardrobe between work wear and leisure and it feels great to change my clothes when I get home from school.

Adrian Kearney, Dublin

HR Consultant

Hi Darren. Just a quick line to say a huge THANK YOU for the styling session last week. I normally dread going near clothes shops but I must say you made it all very easy (even fun) and I love the stuff I got – just can’t wait to try it all on now. I have an awards ceremony in the autumn so I’ll be back to you then for a more formal look. Get the thinking cap on…Again, much appreciated. You did exactly what it says on the tin – you helped my style!