After two, lusciously lazy weeks off from the gym, and our following of a strict diet of spirits and selection boxes for most of the month of December, we are officially trying to get our bums back on the bandwagon. So, shockingly, the picture above is exactly what we didn’t look like after this morning’s grueling, post-Yuletide cardio session. We did not glow like our lovely model-friend featured, we just did some plain-old sweating. We didn’t wear a neck scarf either, because, you know, that’s just odd. And we definitely did not wear a leotard because, because the effects of previously mentioned spirits and selection boxes are all too visible right now!

What did wear however, was still a bit of a travesty. It was one of those situations we’ve all been in. You know, the yoga pants that are worn in the arse, complimented elegantly with an ugly faded t-shirt from an ex-boyfriend whose name your kind of fuzzy on. Gymspo, we were not!

However in the spirit of New Year, New Me etc, etc, we won’t be making the same mistake twice! No, we are not quitting the gym, though believe us – half way through our warm up we were ready to throw in the towel! Instead we are looking to our favourite highstreet store to get our hands on some seriously amazing activewear!

RI Active is River Island’s fashion-forward gymwear collection, which is available online and in their Grafton Street store now. Camo prints meet cosmic vibes, River Island have gone for a kind of muted eccentric motif, meshing fashion and fitness perfectly.
Check out our top looks below.

Words: Sinead O’Reilly