Overdid it on the trick-or-treating last night? Rid yourself of your sugar-rush, with a little November detox. This month marks world vegan month, a time to promote and celebrate the dietary belief. An energy-rich lifestyle, the benefits of being vegan are plentiful, so it’s not surprizing that more and more people are going sans meat.
Many are undertaking a November vegan challenge as a starting point. Never ones to pass on a challenge (or the opportunity to try new food), starting today we are going to banish meat and dairy from our daily eats. Lovers all things meat and cheese (and chocolate, sigh) we knew we’d have to find some pretty amazing recipes if we were going to stick to this. Thankfully, with health food culture being oh so en Vogue right now (and continuing on so, we hope), tasty, hearty, vegan recipes have never been so easy to source. Scouting around the Irish foodie scene we found some serious vegan goodness in no time. So go on, why not try these out for size!

Courgetti with vegan garlic cream sauce, The Little Green Sppon.

Our plates have been saturated of late with faux pasta. And, though we will always have a lot of love for the carb, the alternative has us feeling a hell of lot better post chow. This “creamy”, garlic dish accompanies the greens perfectly and will really hit the spot on a dull November night.

Baked Falafel, The Endorphin Stew

A piece of Middle-Eastern magic, that always has us wanting more,these little balls of joy taste just as good as they look. Totally versatile, baked falafel is great with leafy green salad or packed into a pitta.

A variety of vegan soups, The Happy Pear.

Well we couldn’t leave these guys out on vegan month, now could we? No trip out to Greystones would be complete, nor would a list of vegan recipes. We can’t wait to try everyone of these vegan soups.

Author: Sinead O’Reilly