Happy New Year from HMS! We wish you and yours the best of the best for 2017!
Did you miss us?! Aw Shucks! Yes, following a two week break over the Christmas, spent drowning in mulled and turkey gravy no less, we are back with a bang to give you the latest on all things fashion and lifestyle! And after the year that was, i.e. the cursed 2016, we reckon that’s just what’s needed to kick off a fabulous 2017!

Kendall J is feeling particularly enthusiastic about the New Year!

For many of us, minus those lucky few who have been treated to an extra long Bank Holiday, it’s back to work today!
Are we delira?!
Not exactly. The first few days back at work are, inevtitably, always the hardest. Your sleep pattern is out of of wack following two weeks of burning the midnight oil. You brain seems a little mushy after those lengthy Netflix binges. And your waistband? Well, we’ll just leave it at that. All in all you are in the exact state we expected after two weeks off from reality.

So what for it? Throw the covers over your head and cry when you hear the buzz of the alarm? Hmm unfortunately you exhausted that move far too frequently during your teens. Nope, it is the big bad world for you my friend!
That means up and at em at the first chime.
That means acting like a wise, respectable adult.
That means drinking all the coffee in the world!

Yes we’re serious! We are not a site to pass judgement but more one to champion you on your pursuit through the everyday, all while simultaneously giving you must-have fashion and lifestyle tips! We are here for you!
And, if today you;
Missed your Spin Class
Didn’t pack your lunch
Ate some of your Selection Box for breakfast.

We just want to say, that it’s all okay! It’s your first day back, don’t sweat it. You’ve got a whole other year to your act together the same way we’ve got a whole other year to bring your everything you need (and don’t need) from the world of style! So watch out 2017, HMS is back!

Words: Sinead O’Reilly