Sure it’d be rude not to! Duly noted from the image above, you’ve been pushing out all the stops to get in for your Christmas haul for your nearest and dearest. It’s not finished yet, but with your best efforts in place so far, you’re pretty chuffed with yourself and think a well deserved break in due. And by break, you mean focus your shopping efforts in new directions. And by new directions, you mean you!
Give a little, get a little is your motto and we’re inclined to agree. All good deeds should not go unpunished. In fact they should be celebrated! Here are 5 glorious suggestions on how to do so.

Dress, €69.95, Zara

Who knows what unexpected soirees may crop up over the next few weeks?! Our advice? Be prepared. Be stylishly, prepared!

Jacket, €120, Topshop

So, not that you totally don’t deserve it, but nobody is going to buy you a trophy for getting them awesome gifts! So get your own, in the form of this sequin clad jacket from Topshop. Wear it like the winner you are!

Bag, €175, Diane Von Furstenberg

An ode to all the shopping bags you’ve dragging around town for other people over the last week.

Shoes, €101, Nasty Gal

For every unexpected soiree there is an accompanying dance floor in need of dancing shoes. Don’t say we didn’t warn you….

Hair crown, €45, ASOS

A subtle reminder to anyone who might have forgotten!

Words: Sinead O’Reilly