The most wonderful time of the year?! Who ever wrote that song did not feature in having to but KrisKindle presents for their co-workers.
Yep that dreaded gift. Sure, first it seems like a reasonable idea. It’s just a bit a fun, they’ll say. And only a €20 budget – that’s peanuts! And yet, as the names are divided up and the whispering begins, you soon realize that there is a little bit more to it. No, €20 is not a lot of money, but buying your boss a terrible present could cost you a whole lot more.
And though we’ve never heard of anyone actually losing their job over a bad Secret Santa gift, we reckon it’s better to be safe than sorry. Here are 5 foolproof gifts to navigate through workplace giftfare.

1. Notebook, €10, Tom Dixon Designist.

For the co-work who organization and partial to a list or two, this color block notebook is a must!

2. Mug, €20, Arnotts

And this time, it’s personal! The mug crisis is one we all battle through in every office. Where do they all go? Who stole mine? All mysteries that are irritating and yet, ultimately unsolvable. Give your workmate the gift of the gargle with their name on it with a personalized mug from Arnotts. They come in Little Miss too!

3. Doggy Mince Pies, €5, Debenhams

With her desk aligned with photos and keepsakes from her beloved pooch, is there any better present for your canine-loving colleague?!

4. Fix Anything, €10, Sugru Designist.

For Carol from the 3rd floor who is data-analysis by day and a DIY enthusiast by night.

5.Chocolates, €15, Butlers

And, if all else fails…

Words: Sinead O’Reilly