Listen up last minute shoppers! Unlike, quite literally, everyone else in your life, we are not here to judge or scold. We know for you, last year’s Christmas shopping seems like it only just ended and, for some of you, it probably did – a Christmas gift is still a Christmas gift even if it’s given in July. We know that the idea of doing it all again, is so harrowing that you are leaving all of it, yes, ALL OF IT, until next week.
Your argument is, of course, that you do your best work under pressure. The reality is, however, that you do your only work under pressure. But hey, as we said, we’re not here to judge or scold.
You also hate making big decisions, big crowds and, most importantly, you hate that stupid smile spread across the girl above’s face, because it is both fake and condescending.
NO BODY LIKES CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!…except those who have everything bought and wrapped by December 3rd. Yep, you were right – fake and condescending. Right as you may be, the fact of the matter is that you still have to do it. And people get less and less patient after you’ve given your Christmas gifts for Easter three years in a row.

But fear not! As we said earlier, we’ve got your back! And by back, we mean a whole treasure throve of gift ideas for your nearest and dearest and those you are begrudgingly obligated to buy for. Check out HMS over the next few days to nail that wish-list!
Words: Sinead O’Reilly