I’ve never doubted the value of having a great alterations shop at my disposal. In fact, when you find one I’d recommend you make friends with these people! They’ll save you from disaster on more occasions than you’ll care to think of and what’s more, with some clever thinking, they’ll help inject a new lease of life to clothes that you’d other wise be bidding farewell to.

Case in point – I’ve a really nice three quarter length, black pea-cum-trench coat with military detailing that I picked up on a trip to Copenhagen little over 2 years ago. It didn’t cost the earth but was still an investment piece for winter. I loved to wear it and every time I did, I was always asked ‘Where is your coat from?’. Last September as winter started to arrive I was examining my winter coat options. For no reason other than the fact I’d become bored with it, my black coat had lost it’s appeal. Nothing had changed, it was still in perfect condition but the zest was gone.

I considered donating it but a niggling feeling at the back of my mind told me I’d regret it if I did. Then I had a moment and thought what if I had all the black buttons replaced with some tan brown ones? A quick visit to my local alterations, and the next day I had what felt like a completely new coat. The brown buttons contrasted brilliantly with the black and for the price of €30, I had for all intents and purposes got myself a new winter coat.

A good alterations shop is worth it’s weight in gold in my opinion. I regularly have jeans altered, trousers taken up, suits tailored. In fact, a friend had a relatively new suit, that he bought in a very well respected tailors. He only wore it twice because he felt it was just a bit old-school in terms of cut (why he actually bought it in the first place is beyond me but that’s another story altogether!). So in to Fitz Alterations on Drury St, Dublin we went. The resident dressmakers and tailors really know their craft. Within a couple of minutes, the suit was refitted with all the pins in place to bring a more modern, fitted shape. Two days later, he had what felt like a brand new suit, that fitted like a glove with a more contemporary cut.

The best part is, once your item is ready for collection, you receive a text alert to let you know. There’s nothing worse than returning home from a trip to town and realising once you get in the door, that you forgot to collect your alterations!

As far as alterations places go, Fitz is quite stylish and inviting with spacious changing rooms. If you’re really stuck they can provide a one-hour express service option or else it’s generally a 48-hour alterations turnaround. They open pretty much the same hours as the retail trade which is a blessing in itself.

Fitz is just one of many alterations place around. A lot of them tend to located in upstairs rooms or off side streets. Do you use one that you’d recommend? If so let us know and we’ll add them to this post. I’m Dublin based so don’t be shy why recommendations for other parts of the country too!

The Alteration Centre on South Anne St (Thanks Sarah Langan)
Tamem Michael Bridal City at Fashion City, Ballymount Dublin 24 (Thnx MJ)
The Sew Centre, Anne’s Street
Abbey bridal alterations just off Middle Abbey street

Cork City
Singer Sewing Center on Grand Parade at Washington.
Stitch or Switch on Washington Street (thanks to Evin O’Keeffe!)

Threads, Parnell St Waterford (Thnx Susan Madigan Mchugh)